Why 2021 Could Kickstart the Best Decade EVER for the Stock Market

2020 is almost over…


What a year it’s been.

It all started with a U.S. strike that killed Qasem Soleimani, the Commander of Iranian Forces, in January. Less than a month later, NBA legend Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash. Then, about a month after that, Tom Hanks tested positive for Covid-19, and the whole world went into “lockdown” mode…

Little did we know, that was only the beginning.

Over the next several months, the U.S. was subject to the most intense political protests since the 1960s, the most widespread social anxiety since the 1940s, and the most polarizing Presidential Election ever.

What a year…

And now it’s coming to a close. Good riddance, 2020.

From where things sit today, 2021 projects to be a much, much better year for most folks.

Highly effective Covid-19 vaccines are already being administered, with widespread distribution likely in the first half of 2021. That will be a huge step toward closing the book on the coronavirus crisis.

Restaurants and bars will broadly re-open without many restrictions. So will malls, movie theaters, spas, and salons. Children will return to school. Colleges will open back up. Travel will pick back up.

Things will get back to normal, after a prolonged period of them being abnormal – much as is the case with a war.

In that sense, 2021 will be marked by a global “post-war” euphoria that the world, quite frankly, hasn’t seen since the end of the World War II.

And… as we all come together in 2021 and embrace this “post-war” euphoria… we will remember that we like each other a lot more than we thought… and most of the sociopolitical division that has dominated 2020 will fade.

Yes, I’m very optimistic about what 2021 has to bring.

This optimism is not historically misplaced. Indeed, history says there is reason to be very optimistic about the next decade.

You see… throughout U.S. history, our brightest eras have consistently been preceded by our darkest eras.

Just look at the last time we had a global pandemic with the Spanish Flu in 1918-19. That global health crisis poured into the Roaring Twenties, a decade of economic growth and widespread prosperity throughout America wherein the Dow Jones rose by ~500% from the end of 1920 to mid-1929.

Or look at the last time we had a global war with World War II. Over the following decade – the 1950s – America entered a “Golden Age” in terms of the economy, pop culture, society, entertainment, and fashion. During that decade, the Dow Jones essentially tripled in value.

2020 has been a convergence of those two crises. We had a global health crisis that felt like a global war. And – much as both the last global health crisis and global war did – 2020 will give birth to an economic and cultural boom that will last a decade.

Why am I telling you this?

To lift your spirits.

To tell you that things will get better.

And to remind that although stocks have staged a huge comeback rally in 2020, the party is actually only getting started.

The next decade could easily be the best decade, ever, for the stock market as post-war euphoria and easy money policy couple with multiple hypergrowth technological breakthroughs to rapidly unlock tremendous and widespread economic value.

What’s the best way to capitalize on this second coming of the Roaring Twenties?

By investing in the hypergrowth technologies and industries that will be underpinning this unprecedented economic renaissance.

I’m talking self-driving technology and electric vehicles… AI and Big Data… 5G and IoT… cloud and quantum computing… automation and robotics… solar, wind, and hydrogen… space, cannabis, and psychedelics… e-commerce, streaming TV, and digital advertising…

Those industries are positioned for enormous growth throughout the 2020s – and the leaders in each of those industries will see their stock prices soar several hundred, and maybe even several thousand, percent.

So… with all that said…

Happy New Year, folks. Celebrate this one. Because Dec. 31, 2020 marks the psychological “turning of the page” from one of America’s darkest eras, to one of its brightest.

On the date of publication, Luke Lango did not have (either directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this article.

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