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‘Malicious, Wicked Slander’: Joel Rosenberg Responds to Claims Israel Has Committed War Crimes After Hamas Horror

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November 30, 2023

Author and communications strategist Joel Rosenberg recently issued a rebuttal to those accusing Israel of crimes against humanity, painting a stark contrast between Hamas and the Israeli government.

Rosenberg said some people speaking against Israel’s actions following Hamas’ Oct. 7 terror attack are doing so out of ignorance, while others are “doing it maliciously” to improperly claim Israel is “committing war crimes.”

Watch Rosenberg explain:

“It is just the opposite,” he said. “In 2005, the Israeli government made a decision to pull all Israeli soldiers and all Israeli civilians out of Gaza.”

Rosenberg said this reality goes against Hamas’ narrative that Hamas terrorists are killing and slaughtering Israelis as a form of retribution for an occupation the author said doesn’t exist.

Beyond that, Rosenberg believes Israeli officials have gone out of their way to spare civilians in Gaza. While Israel seeks to protect amid its military actions, he said Hamas’ policy is to “slaughter Jewish and Christian civilians without any warning.”

“Israel has done more than any military I’ve ever heard of or read about in history to protect innocent civilians,” he said. “That’s the policy of the Israeli government to protect civilians while we have to fight the very genocidal enemy of Hamas and Islamic Jihad that is embedding themselves and hiding behind the innocent civilians.”

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He specifically mentioned reports of Israel calling people to warn them about impending military actions and giving time for citizens to leave before embarking on such quests to stop Hamas terrorists.

“Israel has been dumping hundreds of thousands of leaflets in Arabic [explaining] why to get out and where to go and the routes to get there,” Rosenberg said. “And that there’s food, and water, and medical supplies when you get there.”

Despite this going against many conventions of warfare, Rosenberg said it’s how Israeli officials have chosen to operate and that critics overlook it.

“I’m very proud of my government,” he said. “I’m not saying they’ve done everything right, but they’ve done a very, very good job. And … it’s slander malicious, wicked slander being spoken against us.”

Watch the full conversation here.

Israel and Hamas are currently in the midst of a ceasefire that has seen dozens of Israeli hostages freed by Hamas and at least 180 Palestinian prisoners let loose by Israel.

Efforts are underway to extend the ceasefire, though an early morning terror attack at a bus stop in Jerusalem Thursday killed three Israelis and injured at least six others, marking the first major Palestinian terror attack in Israel since Hamas’ Oct. 7 assault.

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