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Family of nonbinary teen seeks independent probe into death after school fight

The family of 16-year-old nonbinary student Nex Benedict has launched an independent investigation after early autopsy results indicated the teen did not die from injuries suffered in a school bathroom fight.

The Oklahoma sophomore died on Feb. 8, a day after getting into a fight that may have been sparked by bullying about Nex’s gender identity.

Benedicts mother, Sue, has told the Independent that her child had been bullied by other Owasso High School students for over a year and had bruises all over their face after a fight with three older girls.

In a statement released by their lawyers, the family urged police to investigate all potentially liable parties to do so fully, fairly and expediently, according to the news outlet. 3 The family of 16-year-old nonbinary student Nex Benedict has launched their own probe into the death after early autopsy results ruled out injuries from a school fight as the cause. AP

The family is independently interviewing witnesses and collecting all available evidence, the statement says.

The family said some facts about the case have not been released and were troubling at least and called on school, local, state and national officials to join forces to determine why this happened, the Independent reported.

They are seeking to hold those responsible to account and to ensure it never happens again.

In a previous statement, the Bibi Law Firm said that on February 7th, 2024, the Benedict Family sent their child, Nex Benedict, to Owasso High School, trusting, like any parent or family member should be able to, that it was a safe environment for their loved one

While at Owasso High School, Nex was attacked and assaulted in a bathroom by a group of other students. A day later, the Benedict’s beautiful child lost their life, it added.

Benedict told the outlet that she arrived at the school to find her child with bruises over their face and eyes, and with scratches on the back of their head. 3 Nex Benedict reported being attacked a day before their death. Courtesy Benedict Family

The teen told their mom that they had been knocked to the ground and had hit their head on the floor.

The Tulsa-area school district has said it did not inform police about the incident and determined that none of the students required emergency medical care, according to the outlet.

Police said that any further comments on the cause of death are currently pending until toxicology results and other ancillary testing results are received. The official autopsy report will be available at a later date. 3 Benedict messaged a family member about the fight. Benedict Family

The investigation into the fight is ongoing and police have said they would turn over findings to the District Attorneys office to determine if charges are warranted.

Benedict was able to walk away from the fight on Feb. 7, but was later taken to the hospital by their family and then sent home that night. The following day, the teen suffered a medical emergency and died after reaching the hospital, police said.

The student messaged a family member about the fight, according to a Fox 23 report.

When asked what led to the fight,  Benedict referred to harassment at school.

They had been bullying me and my friends and I got tired of it so I poured some water on them and all 3 came after me. School did not report it and is probably getting sued, one of the texts read.

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