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Marjory Wildcraft: People need to urgently learn to GROW THEIR OWN FOOD as America is collapsing into a wartime homefront

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– Marjory Wildcraft emphasizes the importance of growing one’s own food due to potential disruptions in America’s food supply.
– The Health Ranger Mike Adams highlights recent incidents of sabotage on food facilities and distribution hubs, suggesting a possible attack on the country’s food supply.
– Wildcraft compares the situation to historical events like the starvation of Native Americans after buffalo herds were killed and current events in the European Union where farmers are being put out of business.
– Marjory Wildcraft has created a new course called “Wartime Homefront Essential Skills,” available for free on the Brighteon University website starting March 30, to teach people how to grow their own food and preserve it. The course also includes a beginner’s guide to foraging.
– Wildcraft’s book “The Grow System” serves as an essential guide to modern self-sufficient living, covering topics from growing food to making medicine, and offering free bonuses on growing food for animals and homemade fertilizers.

Food growing expert Marjory Wildcraft has stressed that with America turning into a wartime homefront, people need to grow their own foodlest they starve to death.

She shared this sentiment during her recent appearance on the “Health Ranger Report” with the Health Ranger Mike Adams, who began the discussion by saying that America’s food supply is under constant attack.

The Natural News and Brighteon.com founder cited several recent instances of this. The wildfires in Texas, he said, have destroyed much of the cattle industry and the beef supply. There have also been more than 150 incidents of food facilities, distribution hubs, meatpacking plants and others being sabotaged in the last 18 months.

Wildcraft agreed with his sentiments, saying: “We’re at war I mean, it’s happening and the first thing you do in any warfare situation is trying to destroy the food supply for the ones you’re combating with. And they are doing a very good job of it.” (Related:Marjory Wildcrafttells Mike Adams: People must start growing food now to survive the food crisis.)

She mentioned that in the 1800s, 60 million Native Americans died of starvation after the buffalo herds were killed. Wildcraft, the founder and CEO of The Grow Network, added that the U.S. government at the time was trying to coral all the Native Americans into small, localized areas where they could control them. According to her, this idea is similar to the so-called 15-minute cities that seek to limit people’s movement.

The Health Ranger also mentioned that this reminds him of what Israel is doing to the Palestinian population in Gaza weaponizing famine and hunger. He added that this is the samething the globalists plan to do to the American people.

Wildcraft continued that this attack on food is happening everywhere, including the European Union where farmers are being put out of business. The resulting farmers’ protests, she explained, are the result of these growers seeing the coordinated attacks against food and their resistance to it.

According to her, Europe and the U.S. used to be the most food-secure places on Earth. But now, both are talking about the scenario of an impending food crisis. Wildcraft has new course for peoplewho want to learn how to grow their own food (and it’s free to watch)

The Health Ranger then asked about Wildcraft’s new course called “Wartime Homefront Essential Skills.” This course will be available for free on Brighteon University website starting on March 30.

She said the presentations condense vital information people will need to be able to manage and take care of their home food garden successfully. The three-part system of the presentations are designed for people who may be beginners in growing their own food.

“The first thing we start out right away is how to grow half of your own food in your backyard,” Wildcraft explained. “It really would only take about half an hour to an hour, a day at the most. I go over [things] like how many servings it’ll produce [and] what it looks like.”

The food growing and sustainable living expert added that aside from growing produce, the presentation also goes over nine different ways of food preservation. People need to know how to preserve food, she added. The presentation also comes with a beginner’s guide to foraging, which will help people recognize the edible things that grow around them.

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Wildcraft also mentioned that her book “The Grow System” is an essential guide to modern self-sufficient living from growing food to making medicine. Through the book, people can go beyond growing and preserving their own food and even grow food for their animals and livestock. According to her, “The Grow System” also has a free bonus video on how to grow food for chickens and feeds that people can grow for herbivores like rabbits, goats and sheep, as well as 50 homemade fertilizers.

Register to watch the full course for free at BrightU.com.

Watch the full conversation between Marjory Wildcraft and the Health Ranger Mike Adams below.

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